Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Bear in Wolf's Clothing?

Most of us are aware that the enemy will not present himself to us outright. Many times distractions to take our minds away from our Lord come through pleasurable people and activities. That's why we sometimes have a difficult time dealing with these situations because we say things like, "they would never hurt me" or, "how could this be bad?" Over time I think we learn to watch out for this kind of attacks. It is often called the, "Wolf in Sheep's Clothing" tactic. We learn to look out for people and try to assess true motives of "friends."

What about when we are provoked by someone/something who is just plain mean, rude, or nasty? A few weeks ago some folks that are apart of an organization I am in started treating me unfair. This bothered me tremendously. I noticed a clique consisting of certain individuals who were being unprofessional and very rude towards me; talking about me behind my back, criticizing my work unfairly, and pretty much just trying to make me look bad. When this first came to my attention I quickly came up with a plan. I was going to beat them at their own game.

Then the thought occurred to me of who I was really at war with. The same enemy that I am ALWAYS at war with. Not sometimes or most of the time, but ALWAYS. I hope my title is starting to make some sense. he doesn't always come disguised as something nice or sweet, sometimes it is ugly. So when people do those things that really just get to us, before we go off let's take a moment and remember who is really trying to upset us.... and why?


  1. What an excellent realization! It is always easier to respond with harsh words or begin plotting but we are told as Christians to Be still... God will fight our battles. Knowing who our real enemy is makes a big difference in how we handle a lot of situations because it is natural to react. However, it is always amazing to see the reaction of others when we respond with kindness and love. They are not expecting it nor do they know how to deal with that. In Psalm 110 David was told "...to sit at His right hand until He made his enemies his footstool."

  2. Herman, you are such a strong person! It DEFINITELY gets hard to "kill them with kindness," but if you follow through with it, you really...kinda do... ALWAYS end out on top! =)