Friday, December 31, 2010

One Year Stronger Because of You

I’m incapable to express how I feel
The way I miss you is just that real
I can’t portray it with words, it’s too far past my mind
But I know everything happened in God’s due time

Sometimes I still can’t believe that you’re gone
Sometimes it just seems like a bad dream
But through the days and the months and everything that went on
God showed me why you had to leave

The time had come for me to be tested
It was time for me to grow
So He saw fit, and it was time that you rested
Some things inside me, He had to show

The morning prayers, daily Proverbs, putting Christ as Head and Lord
Yes, you showed me Jesus was the only way
So when you left I got stronger, and leaned on Him more
Not giving up, never going astray
Encouraging others along my way!

So thank you, thank you, thank you, Janet, Mama, My Love
For the Christ centered example you showed me
You set the stage so that when He called you on above
I could trust Him more, and even keep my sanity
And live more abundantly!

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