Monday, March 28, 2011

Look Deeper

So I was reading an article about Lady Gaga. In her concerts she celebrates homosexuality, lust, greed, freedom to do whatever you want, and so forth. The picture of her is from summer 2010 in St. Louis, MO. Click the picture to go to see the video (it was too filthy for me to embed it straight on the site).

Some of her actions didn't really surprise me. Most mainstream secular artists follow these trends. Something else she did catch me by surprise though. At many of her concerts she brings out a statue of "jesus" with wings on it. Then she throws things at it, yells fowl language at it, and encourages fans in the audience to do the same (See this Yahoo! News article and Wretched Radio podcast). This is just shameful and sick. This disturbed young lady has millions of followers just like many other artists out today. So much music now is just outright wrong. It has catchy beats and memorable hooks that get people to say and do things that they would NOT normally do on their own. Now, you may not be literally cursing at "jesus', but what effects does the music you like have on you? Do the songs you like aid or hinder you in putting God first in your life. Think about your favorite artist/songs. If the acts/content of that music was not presented along with some nice background music, would you still like it? Would someone simply talking about filthy sex acts or hurting so may people through drugs and violence still be entertaining?

Look a little bit deeper into the influences you allow to get into your mind. Is God pleased with them?

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