Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thursday Thought 11/17/2011

Are you ready to handle what you are asking God to do in your life? Can you handle the responsibility of the blessing? Too often we tell God we want certain things when we really don’t understand what it entails. When a teenager is getting closer and closer to sixteen all they can think about is driving a car. They want it so bad. They have a desire to drive, but usually they don’t consider insurance, maintenance, gas, etc. Most would probably be more hesitant to say what they want if they knew all the details. Are you considering all the details?

We know that God loves us and that He truly wants to bless us. He wants to do amazing things in our lives. While you are waiting on the Lord ask yourself, “Am I preparing myself to receive what I want from God?” Some of us need to live a more disciplined lifestyle. Some of us need to handle our finances better. Some of us need to treat other people like God commands us to. Continue to take a good look inside yourself. Don’t just ask to move up, ask God to show you how to get there too!

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