Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday Freedom 12/09/2011

Can't nobody do me like Jesus.
Can't nobody do me like the Lord.
Can't nobody do me like Jesus.
He's my friend.

He picked me up and turned me around…
Becoming a Christian doesn’t make life easy, but Jesus helps us deal with the issues. How? Simply because He cares about you and me. Not only does He already know what the issues are; He cares about how you feel and wants to bring you through. Nobody, NOBODY…. I MEAN NO BODY can bring you through a situation like Jesus Christ can. He is a Counselor. He is a Brother. He is a Great High Priest. He is a true Friend and so much more. He loves us and His love is incredible beyond description. Nobody can do us like the Lord, because nobody loves us like the Lord.

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