Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday Freedom 12/16/2011

“I thought that I would not survive
I came this close to losing my mind
Sometimes you go through things in life
That makes you say, "Lord why me this time? "

He's so faithful
He keeps making ways
Out of no way
Just when I thought that I could
Take no more
I made it through!” ~ Tye Tribbett
Sometimes that is how the Lord operates. Our faith gets tested for what can seem like a very long time. We wonder is God still there; does He really see what we are going through? We wonder if we will ever come out. But, that’s just how He works. At the lowest point, at the darkest hour He steps in and turns it all around! Your tests right now is just another opportunity to learn how faithful the Lord is. The trial is just another chance to see how He makes ways out of nothing. Trust that whatever it is, in His perfect timing you will be saying, “He’s faithful, I MADE IT THROUGH!”

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