Monday, December 12, 2011

Monday Motivation 12/12/2011

Right now, God is using adverse situations to make you a stronger, wiser, and better person! Negativity simply sets the stage for the Lord to step in and turn things around. Take a minute for yourself and let that really sink in. Reflect on all the times it looked like the end, but God made a way. Our Father never puts us in a trial because He doesn’t like us. He allows us to go through because He wants to show how much He loves us by bringing us out.
Remember our old friend Job? He lost everything; children, possessions, and even his health. His wife told him to curse God’s name and die. His friends accused him of some great sin. Everyone closest to him faltered when he needed them the most. Everyone except the Lord. Then at the divinely appointed time Job was restored to level higher than ever before. His faith was strengthened only because he saw how God worked in his life. Whatever seems to be breaking you down is only setting you up for a blessing!


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