Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thursday Thought 12/01/2011

Do you really believe that God operates on a level much higher than your own? If we are not careful we can get caught in the trap of saying that, but not believing it. Often times we can clash with God. We usually don’t do this necessarily on purpose, but simply because we tend to forget who God really is. We take Him for granted and throw His name around like it is no big deal. Sometimes we fail to remember that He is the Master and Creator of all!

Most Christians I know have a favorite miracle. Mine is the parting of the Red Sea. Sometimes I just love to close my eyes and picture the fear on the Israelites faces subside as they crossed the sea and the Egyptians drowned. Only my one true God could perform a feat so awesome. What is yours? Whatever it is, the next time you start to get down remind yourself of who God really is. Rest on the fact that He controls everything, even the future. Be blessed.

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