Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thursday Thought 12/15/2011

Do your circumstances affect your attitude towards the Lord? There are some who claim to have great faith in God, but when the road gets rough they question who He is. The enemy can get inside a person’s mind and cause him or her to question God’s love, His character or both. God doesn’t owe us anything! We deserve death. No matter how “good” or “bad” life is at a certain point, it is still better than what we deserve from the Lord. Through anything that happens we still can have a relationship with Him.

How do life’s situations affect your relationship with Jesus? In the end Job realized that everything he went through was simply God fulfilling His plan for Job’s life. Job came out stronger, wiser, and better in the end. What if he had gave up on God in the middle of everything? He would not have been blessed doubly. Think on that. God is always loving. He is always sovereign. The Lord is always holy. Present situations do not change God’s eternal character. Don’t ever think God has become worse; He is just trying to make you better.

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