Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tuesday Truth 12/13/2011

God will allow anything else we try to stand on to crumble so that we understand He alone is our true foundation. There is nothing wrong with close friends, recreational activity, or any other outlet you may have. However, these can become problematic when we run to these before we run to God. This stresses us out even more because we are attempting the impossible. We try to find true solace in something temporal. We try to find all the comfort and love we need from other people who have just as many issues as we do.

Job learned that the hard way, but it was worth it. The reason his friends and family could not help him was that they were just like him (in a way). They were all just human beings with finite understanding of the world. I’m sure Job was hurt by the experiences he had, but I’m also sure he learned that there is no other person to turn to in life except the Lord. Someone or something may have let you down, maybe even tremendously. When this happens you have to sing to yourself, “Though no one join me, still I will follow…”


  1. Keep up the great work, Cuz!! The Lord is using you greatly to minister to people all over the nation and the world!!!