Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thursday Thought 1/26/2012

“What am I doing with my life?” A question that can come up in our minds fairly often. If we are not careful we can fall into the trap of basing the value or worth of our lives in comparison to other people’s accomplishments. We look at what someone else may be doing and make ourselves feel bad (or good). However God has created each and every one of us for a unique and specific purpose.

“What has God called me to do?” is a better question we should seek to find an answer to. “Am I doing it?” would be a great follow up. We know The Lord’s mind is much higher than ours. He calls us to do different things, at different places, and at different times. Success with God is being where He wants you to be and doing what He wants you to do. No matter where you’ve been, how much you’ve gained, and all you’ve acquired, if you’re not following God’s plan for your life, have you really done anything at all?

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