Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tuesday Truth 1/3/2012

The wisdom of God will give you true success in all areas of your life! We search all over for ways to improve ourselves and get ahead. We look to books, other people, and the like. Ultimately all the direction we really need comes from God. He gives us all the instruction we need in His Holy Word. There is no real or substantial knowledge apart from Him.

Christians have access to something greater than any earthly treasure; the mind of God. Through reading and meditating on His word we can know God more and understand His ways more as well.  The more we understand how He operates, then the less worried we will be in our lives. We can constantly remind ourselves that He always knows what He is doing and that we can give all our situations over to the Lord. He is the ultimate mentor. He has all the experience you need. There is no real or substantial wisdom apart from Him.

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