Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thursday Thought 2/23/2012

How well do you know Jesus? Most Christians would say “pretty well” or something along those lines. Here is another question for you. How well do you know God’s Word? To strengthen our relationship with Christ some people think we have to go on some great spiritual journey or in the wilderness to get some alone time with God. However the real way to know Jesus more is very simple. This would be studying and meditating on the Bible.

Jesus Christ is the Living Word (John 1). He IS God’s Word in human form. He was a living Bible! Therefore when we study the Bible, we are studying Jesus Christ. The Bible is the story of Jesus Christ and His love for humanity. When we let it principles sink into our minds we get a glimpse into the mind of Christ. Your knowledge of the Bible is proportional to the depth of your relationship with Jesus Christ.

How well do you know the Word?

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