Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thursday Thought 2/9/2012

When you try to figure out life on your own, does it ever work? We go through the cycle of struggling with God. He says this way, we say that way. Knowing the Lord is always right in the back of our minds, we press on anyway in our own strength. Just trying to see if our way could just possibly be better than what God says. Sometimes we even convince ourselves that whatever we want is what God wants. Then failure is inevitable.

So ask yourself, “does it ever work?” “Does following my own plans instead of trusting God all that way ever benefit me?” The answer is NO! (in case you are being stubborn with yourself). When we look back on those times where we were full of faith Jesus always stepped in and performed a miracle. Anytime we tried to take the lead it ended in a disaster. If you are resisting anything Jesus is trying to lead you to do then I only have one simple question for you…“WHY?”

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