Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tuesday Truth 2/14/2012

No one can love you like Jesus can! No one loves you like Jesus does. There is no greater display of love than someone giving their life for a friend (John 15:13). That is how much Jesus loves you. He wanted to be close friends with you so much that He allowed himself to be brutally murdered; just for you. As God, Christ knew every single wrong that you would commit. Yet He died for you anyway.

God loves you with a special type of love known as Agape love. This is real, Godly, self-sacrificing love. The way God loves you is totally and completely selfless. His only concern in a relationship with you is to make you better. And He proved that when He sent His Son to die for you. Anytime, day or night, He is ready to listen and fix your problems. (Personally, I’m fascinated that the Creator of the universe cares about my feelings). No matter how bad you hurt or disrespect Him, He is ready and willing to forgive you. His love for you is truly and completely unconditional! The greatest most powerful being loves you in the greatest most powerful way. Nothing can separate you from it (Romans 8:35). Smile right now because Christ loves you.
(Yes, you!)

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