Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tuesday Truth 2/21/2012

The truths in God’s Word can be VERY painful, but we still need them! The severity of the Bible can be likened to rubbing alcohol on a cut or scrape. That feeling is very painful! But we brace ourselves and put the alcohol on the wound anyway. Why? Because we need it and we know we need it. The alcohol hurts, but it also purifies and cleanses.

The Bible purifies and cleanses our spiritual lives. Many things it tells us can hurt. No, many things it tells us WILL hurt. We may realize that our lifestyle, ways of thinking, habits, or even our ideas about God are wrong. But we need to study the Bible anyway. Just like the alcohol it hurts, but deep down Christians know we need Bible study and meditation often. Don’t ignore the truths in God’s Word. Let them purify and cleanse the infections of your spirit.

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