Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tuesday Truth 2/7/2012

God always has your best interest in mind. He cares about you more deeply than you could fathom. The way our lives play out can make us think otherwise, but the Lord is always faithful to us. Often times we base our perceptions of people off of what we know about them or what they have done in the past. If they have been trustworthy, then we come to feel that we can trust that person. If they have been faulty, then we tend not to trust them. So think to yourself, “has God been trustworthy throughout my life?”

After realizing the answer is a resounding “yes!” you should have no reason to worry. If you cannot think of any other reason God is faithful, then never forget that He gave His Son for you. Jesus Christ willingly suffered a painful and agonizing death JUST FOR YOU. The Lord put your well-being before His, just so you could truly enjoy life. He cared about you before you were even born. He still cares about you just as much now.

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