Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday Freedom 3/2/2012

I am on the battlefield for my Lord.
I'm on the battlefield for my Lord,
and I promised Him that I 
would serve Him 'til I die;
I'm on the battlefield for my Lord.

I was alone and idle, I was a sinner too.
I heard a voice from heaven say there is work to do.
I took the Master's hand, and I joined the Christian band;
I'm on the battlefield for my Lord.
Keep working for the Lord. Sometimes ministry is a battle, but we have to keep working for Jesus. Whether we realized it at the time or not, when we gave our lives to Him we signed up for war! It will be rough sometimes, but God calls us to do His work nonetheless. Remember, serving the Lord may have the greatest trials, but serving Him also reaps the greatest rewards. Who on earth could reward you like God can?

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