Monday, March 5, 2012

Monday Motivation 3/5/2012 - Success

Being successful with God is as simple as walking where He leads you. Worldly success is often defined by a certain status or symbols, but godly success is attainable for all and is everlasting. This means that you don’t have to define the worth of your life by what other people think or what other people are doing. Often walking where God leads is against the norm, but success with God is the only success that matters.

Being successful with God is the highest success possible. Moreover the rewards the Lord will give you for following Him are greater than any other thing we could imagine. If the Spirit is leading you to do something, then do it! Christ does not operate the same way we do. God’s mind is on a totally different level. Don’t look back or to the sides, but only straight at Jesus. Then walk into real success.

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