Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday Motivation-Fear

God has made it possible for you to live without fear! Someone is reading this and you wished that you were confused. You want to be confused about a decision God is leading you to make. You are not confused. In all actuality you are fearful of taking a leap of faith you have never taken before. Why do we, children of the Most High, ever fear anything? Especially if it is something that the Lord has told us to do.

Look back through your Bible. God ALWAYS provides for His people. Materially, yes, but more importantly He provides spiritually. The God we serve is intelligent. He will not lead you to go somewhere without having the proper provisions in place. If you are a true Christian, then the Spirit of the same God who raised Christ from the dead is the same Spirit who lives in you. He will not lead you to error. Walk with no fear. Once you take the first step, then the second step will be made clear.

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