Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday Motivation-Never Alone

You are not alone! God is with you right now and He will never leave you. No other friend can be as good as a friend as Jesus. Everyone has to take care of their own issues; going to work, taking care of their families, finding time to rest, and so forth. Even our best friends on this Earth cannot always be there for us. We all need time for ourselves.

Christ, however, always has time for us. He is always with us. He is always ready to listen. Even when we feel alone, He is right there with us. Even when we try to do wrong and we want Him to leave; He’s there. If you are a Christian then you truly are never alone. God is right there during every single thing that comes across your path. Walk confidently knowing He is there!

1 comment:

  1. Thank you for that reminder. As a young adult, this is something I really need to remember. People say it's not hard to live for Christ, but everyone does not have to same walk with Christ. Yes we are all created in His image, but that doesn't mean we will all endure the same trials and tribulations. So we need encouraging words such as someone letting us know that we are not alone and as the song say "He was there all the time. Waiting patiently in line. God was there all the time."