Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tuesday Truth-Never Alone

Not only does God simply have time for us, He is longing to strengthen His relationship with you. If we are not observant we will miss out on opportunities in life. A lack of focus or drive can cause us to miss out on the right person, better job, investment, and so forth. What better opportunity is there in this world than to spend time with The Lord Jesus Christ? His loves us to death, literally, and He wants us to know experience Him intimately and completely.

There are few things that make us feel worse than missing out on a great opportunity. The greater it was, the worse we will feel. Right now the Almighty God wants you to talk to Him more. He has SO MANY things to tell you if you are willing to listen. Jesus is watching you stumble and He is yearning to lead you the right way. Don’t miss out on the greatest investment you can ever make; reaching your full potential in life through giving your life to Christ. Not just accepting Him as Savior; but truly giving your entire life over to Him and making Him your Lord and Master. God wants to restore you, make you stronger, and complete you (only God can complete you). Let Him. 

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