Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday Freedom-New Life

"There are some things I may not knowThere are some places I cannot goBut I am sure Of this one thing
That God is real
For I can feel
Him deep within
Yes, God is real
Real in my soul
Yes, God is real
For He has washed
And made me whole
His love for me
Is just like pure gold
Yes, God is real
For I can feel
Him in my soul!"

Being born of the Spirit is unlike any other experience. God’s Spirit is living inside of you and will be there forever. For the Christian God is so real that He does not have to be seen, heard, or touched. This is an intimate spiritual connection beyond physical senses. Don’t waste time thinking about what you don’t know. Stop worrying about the places you can’t go. Just trust and believe that God is real. How real? God is real in YOUR soul. Walk in newness of life.

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