Monday, April 2, 2012

Monday Motivation-God’s Ways

God’s has been preparing for your success since before time began! We are about to celebrate Christ’s resurrection this upcoming Sunday. We know Jesus walked this Earth roughly 2000 years ago, but the Father planned for Christ’s coming all along. The first promise of Christ coming to redeem mankind is in Genesis 3:15. Since the beginning of time God has been planning and preparing a way for you to overcome.

So what about the things you face now? To us these issues seem to just pop up out of nowhere. But The Lord always knew they were coming. Surely if God made such extensive plans to save you from sin, then He has prepared a way for you to conquer anything else you face. Since the beginning of time…Before the beginning of time God cared about your well-being. God is concerned about you. The plans, prophecies, and ultimate salvation work of Christ prove that! Walk confidently knowing this is true.

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