Monday, April 9, 2012

Monday Motivation-New Life

Christ rose from the dead just for you! Thank God that not only did Jesus die, but that He rose again. Our Lord conquered death with ease. He proved that He is more powerful than sin. Jesus truly possesses all power. Greater than this, however, is that the new life of Christ is extended to you as well.

When we accept Jesus as Savior we are born again spiritually (John 3). God’s Spirit permanently indwells us (John 14:16). Each of us becomes a new person with a new mind. Whatever you used to be does not define you. No habits, mindsets, addictions, mistakes, or even others’ perceptions of you are important. God has given you new life. Just as Christ physically died and rose to new life; we have done the same (Romans 6). We have died to our old selves and are born again spiritually. If you have accepted Christ, then you are not your past. You do not have to continue life the same way. You can come out of whatever it is. You can be complete and experience a fulfilling life. You are God’s dear child; born again to new life in Him.

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