Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tuesday Truth-God’s Ways

Friend, Jesus Christ is proof that the Almighty Omniscient God loves you! You can rest in that truth. No ordinary person would give up their child for another person; especially not for sinful folks like you and me. Only a few people would give their very life for a close friend. God sending His Son for us was a totally and completely selfless act. God does not need us in anyway. However we are worthless without Him.  He wanted to bring us back to Him.

When we get wrapped up in our problems we can easily feel like no one cares about us. Life can weigh us down to the point where we may feel unloved. But God loves us! God loves you so much that He became a man and allowed Himself to be brutally murdered just for you. He wanted a relationship with you that much. God cares about your thoughts. God wants to walk with you through your problems. Christ loves you. He is concerned about you.

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