Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tuesday Truth-New Life

Walking into the new life Christ gives requires hard work! The moment we are born again we become new creatures with new minds. However our old nature still exists. How old were you when you came to Christ? Then that many years of your old sinful nature were programmed into your mind when you started walking with Christ. This, along with the fact that most don’t get serious about our relationship with Jesus until many years after we are born again, means living this new life will be difficult.

Therefore in every person the old nature has some advantage due to longevity and familiarity.  But because we have been born again the same God who raised Christ from the dead is living in us. The power to triumph is in us. Now we must yield to Him. Constant Bible study, prayer, meditation, and watching our influences are vital. Can this be hard? Yes. Is knowing Christ more and overcoming bondage worth the work? DEFINITELY!

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