Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Freedom-Satisfied with the Savior

“There's nothing so precious as Jesus to me;
Let earth with its treasures be gone.
I'm rich as can be when my Savior I see;
I'm happy in Jesus alone.

When sinful and doomed to a life of despair,
No light on my pathway to shine,
'Twas Jesus who found me and made me an heir
To mansions of glory divine.

I'm happy with Jesus alone,
I'm happy with Jesus alone;
Though poor and deserted, thank God, I can say,
I'm happy with Jesus alone.”

This is not just for the poor and deserted. No matter what you are in the middle of you can be happy with just Jesus. A relationship with Him encompasses all that you need. You could have EVERYTHING else imaginable (money, fame, friends). But without inner joy and peace all that would be meaningless. On the contrary, if all you have is just Jesus, then you have all that you need! Now it is up to you my friend to take advantage of that relationship. Find satisfaction in intimately knowing Christ, and every single thing your heart craves for will be given to you.

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