Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thursday Thought-Healing

When a person is seriously injured what is the first thought people have? “Take that person to the hospital! They need serious medical attention.” When an injury is not treated properly several disastrous results may follow. We all know this; when we get hurt we need help. If we knew someone who had been shot and they just tried to go on without any medical attention; we would deem that person to be insane. But many of us do this on a much deeper and more serious level.

When you are injured spiritually what is your initial reaction? Most of us try to ignore issues until we no longer can. Then they become so dire that the pain is unbearable. Instead get the help you need up front. Too many Christians are living this life not being fulfilled and not living anywhere near their full God given potential. You were not meant to handle problems on your own. You were made to give them over to God. Do that.

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