Thursday, May 3, 2012

Thursday Thought-Look to the Lord

What is your purpose in life? What are your greatest goals? Throughout time many people have done many great things; inventions, discoveries, literary works, and so forth. People who do what society deems as amazing things receive awards, commendations, and several accolades. The fact remains, however, that if a person’s life and plans are not committed to God, then their life’s work is simply a pile of rubbish.

There is only one way to reach your full potential in life. And that is by being in constant communication with God and following His commands. This is why so many people who seem to be doing great things end up unfulfilled and unsatisfied. Only the work that we do for Christ is substantial. This is the only work that will have eternal effects and eternal awards. How sad would it be to go through this life, receive several degrees, several awards, possessions, and fame, but then get to Heaven and receive no rewards from God? Look to the Lord for direction. Look only to the Lord.

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