Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tuesday Truth- Look to the Lord

You are still God’s child. For the Christian, no matter how mature you are, or how mature you think you are, God is still your Father. As with any child, this means that you must submit to your Father’s authority. You must do what He says even when you don’t feel like it. ALL your decisions must be ran by Him for approval.

Sometimes we get like teenagers and want to do our own thing. We get a little knowledge and now we can run our own lives. Then comes the inevitable disappointment. But we have to remember that giving everything over to God truly means every single thing. You give up your desires, but also your worries. You let go of your plans and your problems as well. You give God your life and all the anxieties that come along with it. Stop trying to do it alone. Run to your Father.

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