Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tuesday Truth-Trusting God

Your true level of trust in God is proven through your actions. It is possible to get over on some people, but God knows your heart. So many times we tell God we trust Him. We go down to the altar. We shout and sing. We quote our favorite scriptures. But we are still worrying. We are still losing sleep. We are still trying to handle the situation that we claimed we gave over to Almighty God. That is a big problem.

When you really trust God, your heart will line up with your mouth. Your relationship with Christ can never grow until you learn to trust Him more. The Lord has already made the relationship possible. All you have to do is trust Him. And when a true born again Christian sincerely trusts God, they let God fix the issues in their life. If you really trust God, then don’t just tell Him. Show Him. The Lord knows your heart.
Scripture Reading: Psalm 37:3

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