Friday, June 1, 2012

Friday Freedom-Discipline

“He's preparing me for something 
I cannot handle right now 
He's making me ready 
Just because He cares 
He's providing me with what I'll need 
To carry out the next matter in my life 

Preparing me 
He cares for me 
Preparing me 
For everything 
That comes in my life 

He is preparing 
God is preparing me”

Parents discipline children so those children will be successful later in life. Usually it is not difficult to identify an adult who was an undisciplined child. The Father is grooming you for something greater than where you are now. Every trial has a purpose. Every opened door has a meaning. Even every closed door was for your good. All the pain will benefit you in some way. Children of God remember that your Father disciplines you because He loves you. He’s preparing you. He’s maturing you.

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