Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday Motivation- Stand

There are heavenly rewards awaiting those who stand for Jesus Christ. In today’s society being firm for one’s Christian beliefs is becoming increasingly unpopular. Flagrant attacks toward Christianity are rampant. However we are still called to stand and represent our Lord. Jesus knows this is not easy, but it is necessary. Nothing compares to the results of standing up for God.

Christ stood for the right thing when virtually everyone told Him it was the wrong thing. Why? Because Jesus knew that He was in God’s will. The way He lived was approved by God and nothing else mattered. Because He stood for the truth God’s plan was accomplished; for His life and for all of us. God’s plan can be accomplished for your life also, friend. People may disagree with you…Wait, people will disagree with you. ‘Friends’ will think you are crazy. Sometimes you may feel like everyone you know is just at odds with you. Stand up for Christ anyway. God always blesses obedience!

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