Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thursday Thought- Endurance

Why are we so willing to endure for worldly things? We will give our last and our all for a bit of money, notoriety, and what we deem as success. We work all day to move up and/or get a promotion. We study relentlessly to get more letters behind our name. And especially around this time of year people are working out twelve times a day to look good for the summer. None of those things are bad in themselves. However one day the job will end, your degrees will not matter, and even your body will be worthless. Why, then, are we so unwilling to endure for Christ?

Living a godly life is the only work that will have eternal effects and rewards (1 Timothy 4:8). How horrible would it be for a believer to meet the Lord face to face and have nothing to show for his life? Quality job performance, education, and fitness are all important, but they must not be your highest priorities. Seek God's purpose. Ask the Spirit to show you how to forgive, trust, and love like Jesus does. Endure hardships knowing they will yield great, glorious, and eternal results. For eternal rewards from the Lord Jesus Christ, is there anything you are not willing to endure?

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