Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tuesday Truth-Stand

Being a true Christian entails more than most people think. We are saved from sin and now have a personal relationship with God, but that is not all. Jesus promised that the world would hate you because it hated Him (John 15:18). We are commanded to study the Bible to live a life that is acceptable to the Lord (2 Tim. 2:15). Christ said that we are to carry our own cross DAILY (Luke 9:23). There is immeasurable peace, love, and joy that accompanies Christianity, but there is also much dedication and sacrifice involved.

Christ gave His very all for us and He just wants the same in return. No matter what the popular opinion is; we must stand for Jesus. Regardless of how you feel; still follow what you know Christ would want you to do. Do not base your life decisions on what others think, the culture, or even your own opinion. Stand for Jesus even if you feel you are standing alone. God always blesses obedience!

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