Monday, July 2, 2012

Monday Motivation-God sees you

“Thank you.” “I really enjoy your messages.” “Your words really inspire me.” “Keep doing God’s work.”

These are just some examples of comments I receive from the readers of my daily messages. These words go a long way. Knowing that the work I do has positive effects is a tremendous feeling. It gives me the strength to continue doing God’s work.

I want you to know that on a much greater scale Jesus sees you. Christ sees all the work that you do for Him. Sometimes you may feel as if nothing you do matters. You may wonder to yourself, “What’s the point of it all?” Well let me assure you that God does see you. And one day He will reward you mightily for all the work that you accomplish for Him. You may not be able to see the results now, but what God has you doing now is part of a bigger plan. The work Christ is calling you to do is not in vain. God has a reason.

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