Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thursday Thought-God is Able

Besides Jesus, who else can you trust? Most of us are guilty of trying everything else first, then running to the Lord. But no one or no thing is as reliable as Him.  Our friends and family can only do so much. Our own intelligence can only take us so far. Money can only do so much. Time after time these things continue to disappoint us. Yet, Christ always supplies what we need. Many of us need to get our priorities in proper order.

Do you trust the Lord? Do you trust Him will all of your being? If so it will be shown in your actions. Not only will you tell other people to trust God with your words, but also with your actions. You will learn to pray when others are worrying. You will live righteously when others are still in the world. You will continually learn to follow the Lord no matter what happens! Do you believe that God is Able? He is! Keep the faith.

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