Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday Freedom- The Big Picture

“There aren't even words to describe just how great You are
In all Your majesty
You continually
Provide for me
There just isn't anything that You can't do
Lord I've seen Your work before 
So I'll trust you all the more
Because You are

You are the sovereign God
Bigger than all my problems
And every situation
There is nothing too hard
For the sovereign God

A wave of Your hand can command the seas to hold their peace
If you can handle the seas
Then I know that You can deal 
with all my needs
So I will put every situation
Into Your capable hands
I don't have to know the plan 
Because You are

You are the sovereign God…”
~Maurette Brown Clark

God is sovereign! He rules and controls everything. The enemy can’t even look in your direction without the Lord Jesus knowing about it. If you are truly born again never forget who your God is. The Lord let Joseph go through unimaginable turmoil to bless him and bless Joseph’s entire family (Gen 50:20). God just didn’t allow Job to be tested, He actually asked the devil had he considered Job (Job 1:8)! Why? Because God had a plan to make Job a stronger, wiser, and better person. Jesus said no one takes His life, but He has the power to lay it down and take it up again (John 10:18). His power is nothing less than amazing. Christ sees all, knows all, but most of all He loves you. Everything going on right now has a reason. He is letting you be beaten down simply to build you up. God has a specific reason for all that He allows to go on in your life. Do you believe that? Then trust Him and obey!

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