Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday Freedom-Waiting

"I am patiently waiting for You,
anticipating that my blessing's on its way

I'm standing on Your promises,
believing in Your hope,
so I can praise Your holy name.

I will praise Your name,
praise Your name!
While I'm waiting, 
I'll praise Your holy name!"
~Hezekiah Walker

Wait on the Lord. Continue to wait on Him patiently. Do you really trust God? Then keep pressing on knowing that He is your God. Get ready for what you are trusting the Lord for. Prepare yourself to receive your blessing. Godly waiting consists of preparation. If you really believe that Jesus is going to come through, then you will want to be ready for what He has for you. Wait on the Lord, but get ready for the next level. Your blessing is coming!

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