Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thursday Thought-The Big Picture

Are you a selfish Christian? I’m not talking about with your things, but in the way you relate to God. Most of pray to God and all we think about is ourselves. ‘Lord please give me that new job.’ ‘Jesus, why are you letting me go through this?’ ‘God help me make it through this.’ ‘Jesus, why are you making me wait SO LONG?’ Now none of those things are bad in themselves. They are just selfish. When we think about how Christ works in our lives we must remember that we are a part of God’s greater plan.

God may be using you to benefit someone else. Your trial may be to bless someone else. He may have you in a negative work environment to be a blessing. The Lord may be making you wait because there are other parts of His plan that still coming to fruition. Understand that the world is much bigger than just you and so is God’s plan. He has not forgotten about you. There may just be some other things going on that you don’t know or understand. God has a reason for everything He does and everything that He allows to happen. Do you trust Him?

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