Monday, December 31, 2012

The Conversation

The Conversation
between The Lord, Janet L. Armstrong, and myself

Son if you could see me now
If you could see my smile
Living high way beyond the clouds
All smiles, son, no more frowns
Just enjoying living as God’s child
Oh son, if you could see me now

Mama, if you could see this world
You know I miss you girl!
Growing worse as each day unfurls
Without your direction and words
Life is hard and it hurts!
Mama, I feel like I need you in this world

Son, if you could see my face
If you could see this place!
Jumping for joy after running my race
Basking in His glory and God’s grace
Can’t explain, but you’ll see one day
My son, if you could see my face

Mama, if you could see what I’ve done
All the races I’ve won
Thanks to lessons  that you taught your dear son
Preaching in Africa and just begun
Your hard work now has fruitful outcomes
Oh Mama, if you could see what I’ve done

Herman, your thoughts are not my thoughts
Your ways are not My ways
I know you’ve had some hard nights and long days
But just look how you’ve grown in grace
I gave you My strength
She left, but I alone filled that space

And Janet? When she saw my face?
You should have seen her dance
How she clung to my nail-scarred hands
Praising Me in every way she can
Shouting for joy over again and again
I promised her I would take care of you man!

So you see? I had to split you up
So I could fill your cup
She introduced, but you didn’t know Me enough

So trust that I’ll guide you through all the bad weather
And one day you two will praise me together, FOREVER

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