Monday, April 22, 2013

God Allowed It

“And the Lord said to Satan, ‘Have you considered my servant Job…’”  Job 1:8 ESV

Whatever situation you’re in has been allowed by God. What does this mean? The Lord knows exactly what you are going through; even though it may not feel like it. What you are facing is not too hard for God. And whatever you are facing is ultimately still under His absolute control. God gave the devil strict boundaries on what the enemy could do to Job. He has not left you.

God allowed Job to be tested. The Lord allows us to be tested as well. Right now you may be in the toughest trial you have ever had to face. You may question God’s motives at times. Is He still there? But He is more with you than you think! What you are going through has been permitted by God to test you. Even the enemy cannot just do whatever he wants with you. The devil is under God’s control. Everything will be alright. Like the old saints say, “If God brought you to it, then He will bring you through it!”


  1. Amen! Minister Armstrong, GOD brought me through this and I know he will bring me through that to be a living testimony for HIM.

  2. For the passion of Christ, I'll never know suffering. Only God's grace.