Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Imprints In My Soul

Today marks four years since my mother went home to our Heavenly Father. I thank God for all that she taught me! Our God is truly an awesome God. There is joy in losing a loved one who has a relationship with The Lord Jesus Christ.

Hours, days, weeks, and months have passed
Since a hug, a kiss, or a story has been told
Though years have elapsed, I’m still motivated by
The imprints you left in my soul

Prayers every morning on the way to school
Talking to God. Learning how to stay connected
Prayers every night as we would kneel by the bed
You asked Jesus for my soul to be directed

Yeah I learned to pray the Janet Armstrong way
And it made a man who talks to God everyday

One of my first books was a children’s Bible
A story was a must each night
Fascinated by the Ark, the lion’s den, and the Cross
At age four I gave my life to Christ

A Proverb a day to keep the devil away
As a child you asked me, “What would Jesus do?”
A thick study Bible, a concordance, and highlighters galore
Mom, my love for the Word stems from you!

Each Bible lesson was a Janet Armstrong blessing
And it made me a preacher that can’t stop pressing

Always giving time, energy, and whatever you had to help
A child or anyone in need succeed
When running on ‘E’ somehow you found more
And now I live for the same thing

People often misunderstood choices you made
The most selfless life I’ve seen by far
You would cry, shake it off, and let God have His way
I watched you, Mom, in deep respect, in awe

Each time you got back up. Yeah, Janet Armstrong was tough!
And it made me bold for Christ, but grounded in love

Years have transpired since I’ve seen you Mom
I miss you every day. I think about you all the time
But, I thank the Lord Jesus Christ for your imprints in my soul
Continually molding my heart, spirit, and mind

The imprints you left in my soul
Training wheels for The Lord to make me whole
I’m the man I am today because of the woman you were
And these imprints you left in my soul

My wife, children, and progeny will be endlessly blessed

By these imprints Janet Lillian Armstrong left in my soul

© 2013
HC Armstrong

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