Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Stay Connected-Wednesday Word

pray without ceasing
1 Thessalonians 5:17 esv

What you see here are the things I never leave home without. This is my iPad, laptop, and cell phone (I took this picture with my other cell phone). I take all this with me when I go out because I need to stay connected to the world. I need to check my emails and make sure I don’t miss any important calls. Many of us do this. We go to great measures to ensure that we’re always accessible to those around us. But, how accessible do we make ourselves to The Lord Jesus Christ?

I do a check every morning, “Do I have my phone? IPad? Cords?” However we all need to ensure that we are connected in the best way possible. We need to communicate with God. We make sure we have all of our devices to be prepared for the day. But, if you leave your home in the morning without hearing from The Lord you are not prepared at all. Make sure you have everything you need each day as you face this world. No one can keep you as informed as God can. So much of the information we look at on our devices is pointless, but what God has to tell you will better you for eternity. Stay connected.

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