Friday, August 15, 2014

Mike Brown: What Can You Do?

St. Louis and the world have been shaken by the events surrounding the tragic death of Michael Brown Jr. on Saturday August 9th, 2014. Angst and confusion led to looting, rioting and horrific war-like interactions between police and civilians. Many protests have arisen around the country. Many social media campaigns and websites have sprung up as well. While all this is going on the question looms in the minds of numerous people, ‘What can I do to help?” We look at this world and sometimes it seems as if there is no hope. The Michael Brown case is just one of many tragic incidents that takes place around the world every day. In a world so shaken by tragedy and disaster what is the answer? There is only one answer to this and all the world’s problems. The answer is salvation through Jesus Christ. A lost world needs to know that Jesus died for their sins and rose so they can experience God for real.

As we scream, “Justice For Mike Brown” we need to proclaim Christ too.  As Christians we feel that calling to help others even more than those around us. The issues we see every day are caused by a deeper issue of needing to know Christ truly in their hearts. Those of us who are truly saved need to let our lights shine in this dark world. What people need to see from us is love. The world needs us to pray. We need to pray for peace around the world. We need to demonstrate Christ in our character and in the way we treat other people. We need to spread the gospel and help people realize there is hope. Sadly, Michael Brown’s family may never get the justice they are seeking in this life. As Christians we need to help people understand that in Christ there is hope for the next life. Christ offers the world the opportunity to know God eternally and to have peace in any crisis. In this and in any troublesome situation Christians must pray for peace and justice, but also pray that these crises will lead those affected to a relationship with Jesus.

What can you do to help? Show people who Jesus is!

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