Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Unfinished Memories (Thanks Mom)

As I look at the ground my head is bowed down
But don’t worry, my spirit looks up
Unfinished memories, yet joy prevails
Because God has been more than enough
You left me and it hurt, I didn’t know what to do
I was alone, dark, and cold
But in the middle of my night The True Light shines so bright
I didn’t know the blessings that were about to unfold!
Jesus has supplied all my needs
And filled in where I expected you to be
As I miss your face I abound in God’s grace
And He is blessing me beyond my wildest dreams!
Even though your aren’t around I still hear your voice
In every major decision and in every choice
Yes you’re gone, but you live through me
I wondered how to honor you truly
And prayed on what the best way to remember you would be
Now the Janet Lillian Armstrong Scholarship is in place
Because of you one day students will attend colege for free!
Sometimes my head is bowed down
But I know you’re not in the ground
When you left I felt weak, but God planted a seed
He always knew exactly what I would need
And is blessing me abundantly!
Thanks Mom for all you taught me.

~HC Armstrong

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