Need A Speaker?

Dynamic, Humorous, and Inspirational
Motivational Speaking
by HC Armstrong, MBA

I am available to speak to your group about:

~Overcoming Challenges~

~Reaching Your Purpose~

~Goal Setting~

~The Value of Education~

~All Aspects of Success and Goal Setting~

Contact me at 314.606.9145 or for all inquiries.

I have overcome several challenges in my life to attain this level of success and I am still moving forward! I would be honored to share with and invest in your students or youth 
group the importance and value of hard work, dedication, persistence, and faith. My articles have been featured in The St. Louis American Newspaper. My speaking skills have also afforded me the opportunity to be the guest speaker on several radio shows dealing with topics such as pursuing your destiny and the importance of finding the right career.

Students and adults alike also find my travels to Liberia and Ghana, West Africa interesting and engaging. You can see more information about this life-changing experience here.

Contact me at 314.606.9145 or for all inquiries.

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